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The Coshocton Rotary Foundation

The Coshocton Rotary Foundation, Inc. was incorporated September 21, 1972.  It was established as a non-profit public fund by the Coshocton Rotary Club to support and benefit the community with particular interest in public parks, restoration of historic places, and other tangible assets. 


A gift from the late Raymond Hay (b. 1905, d. 1984) provided the initial funding and the undistributed balance of the estate was given to the Foundation soon after his death in 1984.  Raymond Hay operated Hay Jewelry for many years and was well known and respected for his extensive work with the Coshocton Historical Society, with the development of parks and playgrounds and for his many other civic and cultural activities.  It was Mr. Hays’ desire that the funds be spent for the benefit of the public and the beautification of the landscape.  He further authorized participation and support in other civic and public improvements.


Over the years since the establishment of the Foundation many projects have been undertaken and supported.  The following list highlights many of the recent contributions:


  • Bi-Centennial Celebration (2011) and City Flower Beautification Project

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Coshocton Airport Amphitheater

  • Coshocton County Animal Shelter

  • Coshocton County Memorial Hospital

  • The Coshocton Campus

  • Coshocton County Fair Rotary Pavilion

  • Kids America Sports Complex

  • Fresno Park

  • Muskingum Valley Council Boy Scouts of America – Pool Campaign

  • Coshocton City Fire Dept. Rescue Equipment

  • Coshocton City Schools:

    • Track Renovation

    • Tennis Court Project

    • Stewart Field (football) Renovation

  • Coshocton Park District:

    • Numerous picnic shelters

    • Bike Paths

    • Rest Room Construction

    • Soccer Field Improvements

    • Landscape Improvements

    • Playvilion Construction

    • Towpath Footbridge reconstruction

    • Campground Bath House

    • Pavilion Maintenance and Improvements


  • Court Square:

    • Gazebo (initial construction and subsequent renovations)

    • Community Sign Board

    • Tree Management  program

    • Flower planting (annual project)

  • City of Coshocton:

    • Himebaugh Park Construction

    • Art Park Construction

    • Bancroft Park Construction


Since 1997 over $437,000 has been disbursed in support of these and numerous other community projects.  The officers and board members of the Coshocton Rotary Foundation all serve as volunteers and remain committed to the intent of the Hay Estate to enrich and preserve the historical heritage and provide for the maintenance and improvement of civic, cultural, and historic places of interest in the greater Coshocton Community. 

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